Ecotron – Digital Radiography System – EXS-SERIES – Korea

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The newly designed EXS-SERIES diagnostic X-ray system provides an analogue radiographic room that perfectly fits your workflow and budget, which can be easily upgraded to DR system with the help of DR interface and PC interface in the generator as well as Bucky suitable to Flat Panel Detector.

EXS-SERIES X-ray system is designed for operator and patient comfort with the moving components specially designed to reduce electromechanical lock noise Experience the quality, durable and user-friendly operation for all applications with the EXS-SERIES X-ray system.

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Description EXS-32R EXS-40R EXS-52R EXS-68R
Power rating 32kW 40kW 52kW 68kW
Line Power 230V, 50/60Hz, Single phase 400V or 480V, 50/60Hz, Three phase
Line Compensation 占쏙옙10% (Line Voltage range) 占쏙옙10% (Line Voltage range) 占쏙옙10% (Line Voltage range) 占쏙옙10% (Line Voltage range)
KV (accuracy) 40-125kV 40-125kV 40-150kV 40-150kV
mA Range 10-400mA 10-500mA 10-640mA 10-800mA
mAs Range 0.1 to 400mAs 0.1 to 500mAs (Option for a Higher)
Time range 0.001 to 10 sec
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