• Ultrasound


15May 2018
Toshiba Xario 100

Optimal image quality, easy operation Combining excellent image quality with simple operation, Xario™ 100 provides high performance in your clinic or examination room. Every aspect of Xario 100 has been optimized to deliver better solutions. The system’s outstandingly compact and mobile design enables you to create an ergonomic work environment in virtually any veterinary setting. […]

12Aug 2017

Convertible and versatile Due to its low minimum reaction volume of 250 µL the HumaLyzer 3000 is ideal for small-volume samples like pediatric samples. An external PS2 keyboard allows for a more convenient input of patient data and transfer to LIS eases handling. The photometer can be equipped individually with up to 8 out of […]

11Aug 2017

Projectional radiography relies on the characteristics of x-ray radiation (quantity and quality of the beam) and knowledge of how it interacts with human tissue to create diagnostic images. X-rays are a form of ionizing radiation, meaning it has sufficient energy to potentially remove electrons from an atom, thus giving it a charge and making it an ion. X-ray attenuation […]

08Aug 2017

SMART DIAGNOSIS STARTS WITH FAMIO 5 A full range of functions, all in a small, compact body. The new Famio 5. A system with outstanding diagnostic capabilities covering a wide range of applications. High clinical versatility. Easy to use. Fast start-up. Alldigital exam storage and networking. Famio 5. Smart Ultrasound in a compact unit, designed […]

08Aug 2017

Based on decades of experience, the SSD-1000 is a high performance and versatile diagnostic ultrasound system. It uses our advanced technologies and over 5 decades of innovative ultrasound experience. Using the same technology as our more expensive systems, the SSD-1000 provides superior imaging capabilities in a compact and mobile setting. We also employ Super High […]