Trident – RiX-70 AC Dental X-ray Unit – Italy

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Friendly-user control panel to easily find and select the functions

All information is shown on the control panel in a very convenient way.

  • The patient morphology: adult or child.
  • Tooth type: to select the dental pieces to be exposed.
  • Image receptor: allows choosing from traditional film,  intraoral sensor or phosphor plates.

Modern and clean design to offer you:

  • Compact and lightweight tube head.
  • Hand switch provided with 3 mt coiled cord.
  • Sturdy and stable support arm makes the unit particularly solid, regarding the fixing system and the scissor arm movement.

Solid and ergonomic design

RiX-70 AC was designed for long and reliable service life. It’s composed of three groups: the monoblock, the timer and the whole arm. The unit is very compact, well finished and made of high-grade materials.

Simple operator interface

RiX-70 AC has a simple control panel with dedicated function keys; buttons are engraved with the appropriate symbol for every specific function.

0.7 mm Focal spot

With 0.7 mm focal spot, RiX-70 AC produces images of excellent quality even in the most difficult-to-reach oral cavity areas.

Automatic exposure time configuration

Once the exposure parameters have been selected, the exposure time will be automatically adjusted in a range between 0.06 and 2.0 seconds.

Easy to install and maintain

RiX-70 AC is a quite easy to install unit with few replaceable parts.

Wall mounted and Mobile stand versions

RiX-70 AC is available in two versions that easily fit a variety of offices layouts, providing optimal and flexible installation alternatives. The wall-mounted unit does not require a large space, its total spread, with an 80 cm support arm fully extended, is 2.10 m.

Extendable arm available in two lengths

Choose between 60 and 80 cm arm’s length and get the possibility of multiple applications.

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