Siemens Acuson S3000 HELX Touch Ultrasound

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Ultrasound – Designed by You.

If you could design your own ultrasound system, what would you do? We conducted over 170 usability sessions and spoke with 395 healthcare professionals* from around the world to find out what they wanted in an ultrasound system. Their most common request: An intuitive and smart ultrasound system that enables healthcare providers to effectively manage today’s demanding caseloads and diversity of clinical choices.

The ACUSON S3000™ ultrasound system, HELX™ Evolution with Touch Control was designed with a dedicated focus on General Imaging and Interventional Radiology. It offers new levels of workflow efficiency, imaging performance and sustainability.

Below is a generalized description of this systems technology, specifications, features, and options. The below may not reflect the features and options available on units in our inventory.


Control Panel

  • Simple, intuitive user interface with home-base design minimizes repetitive hand motions and enables motor-memory learning
  • Floating control panel allows a wide range of adjustment for operator comfort in standing and sitting positions
  • Left/Right swivel articulation: ± 38º
  • Vertical articulation: 85-100 cm
  • System control panel illumination via tri-color backlighting
  • 12-inch touch screen (resolution 1280 x 800)
  • Laser-optical trackball for higher sensitivity
  • Pull-out keyboard
  • Optional integrated gel warmer

Dual-Option Keyboard

  • Pull-out keyboard
  • Touch screen keyboard


  • Laser-optical trackball
  • Context sensitive: Dynamic back lighting
  • Redesigned: Heads-up display
  • Intuitively organized user interface
  • 40% fewer tactile keys
  • 20% fewer keys in home-base
  • Vertical articulation: 85-100 cm
  • Left/Right swivel articulation: ± 38°
  • Dedicated key for Delete/Undo
  • Repositioned freeze button for improved accessibility
  • Ergonomic, tactile button designs
  • Smart-adaptive annotations
  • Smart-intuitive body markers and pictograms
  • Robust selection for protocols
  • Dual-option keyboard:
    • Conventional pull-out keyboard
    • Touch screen keyboard
  • Supports HELX Evolution with Touch Control software level VD10A and above

Fully Articulated Flat Panel Display

  • 21.5“ full HD 1080P, flat panel liquid crystal display (LCD) with LED backlighting and wide-angle IPS (in-plane switching) technology
  • High contrast ratio 800 : 1
  • Supports HELX Evolution with Touch Control screen saver
  • Supports HELX Evolution with Touch Control
  • Software Level VD10A and above
  • Variable monitor positioning adjustment (height, swivel, tilt)
    • Range of height: (upright FPD) 154-138 cm (60.6-53.3 in)
    • Swivel: ± 80º
    • Tilt: + 60º forward, – 10º back
  • Extended wide-angle viewing angle: ± 178º
  • Folds down for transport
  • Minimum fold-down system height: 125 cm (49.2 in)
  • Default brightness: 170 cd/m2
  •  Response time: 7 ms

Articulating Arm

  • Allows monitor transition for optimal ergonomic positioning toward, away and side-to-side
  • Articulation independent of system and control panel
  • Left/Right swivel articulation: ± 80º in either direction
  • Horizontal articulation: Up to 30 cm
  • Vertical articulation: Up to 15 cm
  • Default locking position for safe transport

Touch Screen

  • LCD (12.1” WXGA, 16:10) touch panel
  • Screen resolution: 1280 x 800
  • Dot pitch: 0.204 mm x 0.204 mm-USB 2.0 interface with host system
  • Video over USB connectivity
  • 2 USB ports
  • 16:10 aspect ratio
  • Supports HELX Evolution with Touch Control screen saver
  • Supports HELX Evolution with Touch Control software level VD10A and above

Imaging Modes

  • 2D and Native™ tissue harmonic imaging (THI)
  • 3D/4D imaging
  • Color Doppler velocity
  • Color Doppler energy
  • Color M-mode and tissue harmonic imaging (THI)
  • M-mode and color Doppler velocity
  • Anatomical M-mode
  • PW and CW Doppler

Standard Options

  • Advanced SieClear™ spatial compounding
  • Advanced SieClear spatial compounding in color and Power Doppler (software level VC30 and above)
  • Clarify™ vascular enhancement (VE) technology
  • eSieImage™ multiparametric optimization (software level VC30B and above)
  • Dynamic TCE™ tissue contrast enhancement (DTCE)
  • Wireless DICOM reporting (software level VC30 and above)
  • Enhanced DTC for SieScape™ panoramic imaging and 3D, 4D imaging
  • SieScape panoramic imaging
  • Color SieScape™ panoramic imaging
  • Multi-modality Review (software level VC25 and above)
  • Nuance PowerScribe® 360 | Reporting
  • Measurement export
  • Custom Tissue Imaging (software level VC31 and above)

Configurable Options

  • 3-Scape™ real-time 3D imaging
  • Advanced fourSight™ technology
  • Axius™ direct ultrasound research interface
  • Cadence™ contrast harmonic imaging technology (CHI) (software level VC30 and above)*
  • Cadence™ contrast pulse sequencing technology (CPS) (software level VC30 and above)*
  • Cadence™ agent detection imaging technology
  • Contrast Dynamics™ software*
  • DTI™ Doppler tissue imaging capability
  • eSieScan™ workflow protocols
  • eSie Touch™ elasticity imaging
  • fourSight™ 4D transducer technology
  • syngo® Arterial Health Package (AHP)**
  • syngo® Auto OB measurements
  • syngo® Auto Left Heart (Auto LH)
  • syngo® eSieCalcs™ native tracing software
  • syngo® Velocity Vector Imaging™ technology
  • Virtual Touch™ imaging
  • Virtual Touch™ quantification
  • Virtual Touch™ IQ
  • eSieFusion™ imaging
  • eSie Guide needle tracking
  • Bracco VueBox™ Data Transfer

Image Processing

  • Transmit frequency: Up to 7 frequencies
  • 2D Gain: – 20 to + 20 dB in 1 dB increments
  • Display dynamic range: 30-90 dB
  • Depth gain compensation: 8 controls
  • Maps: Up to 12 maps
  • Tint maps: Up to 17 B-mode tint maps and 7 Cadence CPS Capture tint maps
  • Persistence: 5 levels
  • Edge enhancement: 5 levels
  • Space/Time: 4 levels
  • DTO™ dynamic tissue optimization technology: 4 levels (for cardiac option)
  • Image knob presets: Up to 6 customizable factory image presets per exam preset

Image Display Formats

  • Full, dual, live-dual and dual-screen formats
  • Image depth maximum up to 30 cm in 0.5-1.0 cm increments
  • Vector™ wide-view imaging format: Selectable field-of-view from 15 to 90º
  • Trapezoid: Selectable field of view up to 60º on linear transducers
  • Steerable linear: Variable steering angles for 2D, color and Doppler modes
  • Maximum steering angle in color and spectral Doppler: 20º
  • Beta angle viewing: Beam steering available on 9EVF4 transducer
  • Curved: Selectable field of view from 15º-174º, in 1º increments, depending on transducer
  • Zoom with image pan
    • Available on live, frozen, cine, dual screen images
    • Preserves full image resolution within the zoom region of interest (ROI)
    • Up to 10X zoom
  • HD Zoom: Region of Interest (ROI) with increased detail resolution and frame rate, compatible with color Doppler and Advanced SieClear spatial compounding
  • On-screen timer

Acoustic Output Management

  • On-screen acoustic power indicator (AIUM/NEMA output display standard)
  • Display of power output: %, MI, TIC, TIS/TIB, TIF
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