Shalya Sigma 400w – Touch Series Complete Electrosurgical Solutions

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• 4 Cut Modes : Low Cut : 400 W, CF-1.5, Pure Cut : 400 W, CF-1.5, Blend Cut : 250 W, CF-2.5, Endo :400 W, CF-1.5,
• 4 Coag Modes : Desiccate : 150 W, CF-4.0, Swift : 120 W, CF-5.5, Fulgurate: 120 W, CF-6.5, Spray Coag : 120 W, CF-7.5
• 4 Bipolar Modes : Micro Bip: 95 W, CF-1.5, Standard: 95 W, CF-1.5, Force : 95 W, CF-1.5, Bipolar Cut : 95 W, CF-1.5




Product Description

Model – Shalya Sigma 400

5″ LCD Touch Screen allows quick, easy & interactive experience to users.

6SENSE Technology maintains set power over wider range of tissue by Tissue Feedback Technology.

Footswitch enhanced with a toggle button to switch between modes along with on-screen indication.

Unit also supports wireless footswitch for clean & wire-free surgical environment.

Endo Cut Mode : Allows pulse interval controlled cutting for Polypectomy and Papillotomy.

BiCoag Alarm : Audio feedback after completion of Bipolar coag, reduces charring and sticking.

User Programmable 20 user settable programs with procedure & surgeon name.

Upgradability Argon Beam Coagulation, Ultrasonic Aspirator, Smoke Evacuator, Suction Irrigation module.


  • Monopolar

4 Cut Modes- Max Power – 400W Pure mode & Endo cut mode
4 Coag Modes – Max Power – 150W

  • Bipolar

2 Cut Modes- Max Power – 100W
3 Coag Modes – Max Power – 100W

Surgical Applications : Useful for wide range of surgical application as : Plastic, Neuro, ENT, Spine,
Opthal, Laparo Surgery, Ortho, Open & General Surgery, Onco, Gynecology, Hernia, GI Endocut, Papillotomy,
Polypectomy, Under Water, Urology, Gynec, TCRE, Hysteroscopy, Thoracotomy, Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery.
Unit is suitable for all kind of Open, Endoscopic,Laparoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery.

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Shalya Sigma 400w


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