High Voltage X-ray Generator – with Touch Screen Console

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Suitable for high-voltage matching of x-ray machine such as DR、CR、ordinary photography machine、digital gastrointestinal machine、Simulated locator、Ultrasonic lithotripsy、physical examination medical vehicle and so on. As well as the upgrading of ordinary X-ray machine. This series of products is positioned in the low-end market.

1. Analog and digital double-loop control, simple operation and high intelligence.
2. Stable high-voltage input,high precision of controlling photography time, good repeatability.
3. Using high-frequency inverter technology, low radiation dose, clear image.
4. Fault self-diagnosis, self-protection.
5. With flexible digital interface, users can control the core programming deeply and can adapt different DR detectors.


Max Output Power  50kW
Radiographic Power Capacity 630mA@70kVp
Operating Frequency ≥30kHz (pilse width modulation)
Radiographic kV Range 40~150kV, step1kV
kV Accuracy ≤±5%
mA Range 32,40,50,63,80,100,
mA Accuracy ≤±5%
Exposure Time Range 0.00~36.3s (34 step) Fine tuning:1ms increasing/decreasing
Time Accuracy ≤±5%+1ms
mAs Range 1-640mAs
Automatic Exposure Control
Filter Control Two-ways
Anode Starter Yes (High Speed Optional)
Fluoroscopy Voltage Range
(RF Type)
40-120kV(step 1 kV)
Fluoroscopy mA Range(RF Type) 0.5-6mA
Atomatic Brightness Control
(RF Type)
3/2 Point Operation Console 3/2 Point Operation Console with 128 optional anatomical programs
Digital Image Control Interface Customizable
Communication Interface RS-232
Input Voltage Range (VAC) 380V  ±10% , 50Hz/60Hz
Input Phase 3 Phase
Min Voltage Requirement According to IEC 601-2-7
Dimensions 663x360x755mm(LWH)
Weight 87K
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