EUROMEX Microscopes – bScope BS.1152 EPLI – Holland

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  • Entry-level upright microscopes
  • Monocular, binocular and trinocular models
  • Standard and digital models
  • Revolving reversed nosepiece
  • Integrated X-Y mechanical stage
  • LED and NeoLED illumination
  • Cordless operation
  • Ergonomic carrying grip
  • Five years warranty

Product Description

Microscopes for education need to be easy-to use and student-friendly, which means able to withstand extensive use and rough handling. High quality, yet affordably priced Euromex microscopes specifically match these demands due to the well-thought construction and usage of top-class materials

The modern MicroBlue is an entry-level microscope and is especially appreciated when budget is limited. The basic model comes with a fixed lens condenser and a plain stage. All models with an integrated mechanical stage are supplied with an Abbe condenser. All models are equipped with 35 mm achromatic objectives. The built-in rechargeable batteries enable cordless operation

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EUROMEX Microscopes - bScope BS.1152 EPLI




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