• Rayme Dental Camera – Korea


    Tube voltage 70kV(fixed)
    Tube Current 1mA(fixed)
    X-Ray Tube type Bipolar fixied X-ray tube
    X-Ray Tube model DG-073B-DC
    X-Ray Tube Focal Size 0.3*0.3mm
    Cooling system Oil cooling
    Total filtration 1.6 mm Al (Inherent filtration : 0.8mm, fixed added filter :0.7 mm Aluminum)
    Target angle 21°
    Time Set-up function 0.10 ~ 1.80 sec
    Source to image receptor distance >10cm (fixed by cone)
    X-ray field 50 mm (round-style)
    Size of main body 139(W) x 163(H) x 66.5mm(D)
    Weight of body About 2.3 kg
    Warranty 1 year

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